Viaplay and Mikael Håfström to produce `Stockholm Bloodbath' as major feature film

Viaplay and Mikael Håfström to produce `Stockholm Bloodbath' as major feature film

English-language feature is Viaplay's latest major Nordic-themed film for local and international audiencesMikael Håfström's film credits include Oscar-nominated `Evil', `1408', `Outside the Wire', `Escape Plan' and multiple award-winner `Quick'`Stockholm Bloodbath' produced by Viaplay Studios in co-production with Nordisk Film, and will premiere on Viaplay in 2023

Viaplay will partner with acclaimed director Mikael Håfström to produce the ambitious historical feature film `Stockholm Bloodbath'. Set in the year 1520, the film dramatises the dark and complex chain of events that led to an infamous massacre of nearly 100 nobles and civilians in the Swedish capital. The project is the latest in Viaplay's commitment to producing two major English-language films every year about Nordic events and figures, following the biopic `Hilma', directed by Lasse Hallström (Oscar-nominated for `The Cider House Rules' and `My Life as a Dog'), which will premiere later this year.

`Stockholm Bloodbath' (Swedish title: `Stockholms Blodbad') follows Anne and her foster sister Freja as they seek revenge on the men who murdered their family at Anne's wedding. Their quest leads them to Stockholm, where they are drawn into a ruthless political power struggle between Sweden and Denmark that culminates in a mass execution known to history as the Stockholm Bloodbath.

Mikael Håfström is currently directing the Hollywood sci-fi thriller `Slingshot', starring Casey Affleck, Laurence Fishburne and Emily Beecham. His film credits include the Oscar-nominated `Evil'; the highly praised Stephen King adaptation `1408' with John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson and Mary McCormack; `Escape Plan' starring Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger; `Outside the Wire'; `Bloodline'; and the multiple award-winning `Quick'.

`Stockholm Bloodbath' is planned to begin filming in autumn 2022, with on-screen talents to be announced in due course, and will premiere exclusively on Viaplay in 2023.

Mikael Håfström: "It feels great to work with Viaplay, the leading Nordic streaming service, to bring such dramatic events to the screen. Erlend Loe has written a page-turning script that is the perfect foundation for a female-driven, stylish and razor-sharp tale of revenge set against the bloody backdrop of 1520s Stockholm. Edgy, darkly humorous, bold, and with a profound emotional core, this is a story as relevant now as it was 500 years ago."

Filippa Wallestam, NENT Group Chief Content Officer: "Our commitment to sharing Nordic stories with the world is both ambitious and unprecedented. The Stockholm Bloodbath shaped the destiny of our region, and Viaplay viewers can look forward to an epic and also deeply human film. Just like `Hilma', this is a personal project for all the major talents involved, which will make `Stockholm Bloodbath' a unique streaming experience."

`Stockholm Bloodbath' is written by Erlend Loe (`Quick') and co-written by Nora Landsrød. Helena Danielsson (`Hilma') produces for Viaplay Studios. The film is co-produced by Lone Korslund for Nordisk Film.